Cat Bengal

bengal cat with leopard spot coat

Overview Since their inception in 1986, the great beauty and charm captivate Bengal quickly make bengal became one of the most popular race. Bengal is favored by those who appreciate nature curious and loving. Bengal is famous for its rich color coat, has a rose bengal like markings on leopards, …

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Ball Python wallpapers

white ball python

Ball Python–is famous snake in this world. Ball pythons are generally a little shy, but they make for an ideal prisoner, because they are of small size, very friendly, easy to care for. Ball pythons are native of central and western Africa, and thrive in this warm tropical regions. They are …

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Eagle Bird Wallpapers

eagle bird

Eagle Bird Description Eagle Bird Wallpaper-The eagle is bird species one and the family is accipitridae and the kingdom of Animalia Phylum Chordata, and it is Aves. The class of animals and is often encountered in the afternoon while flying over the house to find their prey, but this animal …

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Dalmatian dog puppies


Dalmatian Dog-is a breed that is quite old and until now their origin is still debated. Some say the origin of dalmation dog came from Yugoslavia, and the words “Dalmatian” is derived from the name of Jurij Dalmatin is touted as the first dalmatian breeders. There are also saying dalmatian …

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Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever pictures

  Golden Retriever Puppies Review Golden Retriever Puppies-Unlike many breeds, the development of Golden Retriever in historical terms is fairly recent, and thanks to painstaking research carried out by breed historians, the first end of Elma Stonex, and the late Val Foss and Frank and Anne Weekes, history is quite …

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