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redbone coonhound picture

Redbone Coonhound Dog and Puppies

Redbone Coonhound is strong dog, fast, agile, friendly and kind. This dog is known by various names; The Redbone, Redbone Hound Dog, Coonhound  and Red Coon. The Redbone has a smooth crimson coat shiny and beautiful. They are a versatile hunting dog, bred to hunt by their talent specializing in treeing raccoons. but they also excel […]

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tibetan terrier puppies

Tibetan Terrier Dog and Puppies

Tibetan Terrier? Tibetan Terriers actually not really a member of the Terrier. thus, the name “Tibetan Terrier” is actually misleading, because it technically is not a terrier and not show common terrier characteristics. They were given a “terrier” because of their size alone. but because it is a common designation for these dogs, then no […]

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