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australian cattle playing with jack russel terrier

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Australian Cattle playing with Jack Russel Terrier

This is a picture of Australian Cattle playing with Jack Russel Terrier. Australian Cattle Dog is a formidable herding dog, smart, active and energetic. As an active dog, Australian Cattle will encourage you to take them out for exercise, play and work. They can not stand silent for hours at home. Australian Cattle Dog was developed by Australian settlers to deal with herds on extensive farms. Until now he still used as a herding dog. This is reasonable, since they are tireless, has a high energy that can withstand the rigors of a full working day. This dog is also considered as one of the top ten in terms of intelligence descent dogs. In addition to herding work, Australian Cattle Dog can also be part of all family activities. He is loyal and protective to his family, although wary of strangers.