Chihuahua Puppies

Chihuahua-has a head shaped apples (apple dome) with large ears and beautiful. Chihuahua is the smallest dog of any breed (breed) and have differences with his predecessor in America. The origins of this dog is still debated, it is likely that most of these dogs come from Mexico or North American countries. This cute dog has faces that are suspect (Saucy face). Chihuahua is very suitable for use as an alarm dog. Chihuahua is a wonderful dog!.

chihuahua dog puppy

chihuahua dog puppy


A qualified female can give birth normally between 1-3 puppies tails only. Childbirth often require the help of a veterinarian because of Chihuahua is easy to fatigue. Sometimes, but also often, Chihuahua to give birth with the Cesar.

Chihuahua puppies newborn weighs between 60 grams to 90 grams with a body length of about 10 CM. Puppies death rate is also very high. Chihuahua growth process occurs very rapidly compared to other breeds. Sometimes the size of the Chihuahua’s height at age 4 months with a high measure of adult Chihuahua. Intensive attention is needed by a growing Chihuahua for 1 hour of growth interrupted by the disease process, the dog will be less good growth.


Chihuahua has a compact body and a little bit longer. His tail is not cut off (undocked) and not too long. Chihuahua tail is usually curved towards the back (tail tea cup), pointing in the direction perpendicular to the head and as an antenna. Apple-shaped skull (apple dome), a high quality Chihuahua skull be apple dome. When viewed from the side, between the skull and snout has particularly a 90 degree angle. The skull should be rounded when viewed from the front instead of the box. Chihuahuas usually have a Molera (hole) in the head at birth and will move up or lost in adulthood. Eye color should be dark colored, black or brown nose if white coat color or the color of light. Chihuahua ears stand erect and lying at an angle of 45 degrees when viewed from the front. Chihuahua is by having ears like ear Miniature Pincher that is perpendicular to the upper position.

Chihuahua Puppies Picture

Chihuahua Puppies capture

Chihuahua has two coat types: short hair (smooth coat) and a long coat (long coat). Both are mated to each other may not like the Dachshund dog or a fox terrier that should not be mated if different types of fur.

To Chihuahua, all colors are allowed. Solid as brown, black, white, beige, red, etc, Or party color; mixed white chocolate, sable, striped (Brindle), black and tan, etc. Sometimes, the results of mating between a black Chihuahua puppy colour may issue a white or cream.

Chihuahua weight ranging from 1 Kg – 2.7 Kg with a height to 20 CM were measured up to the back.

chihuahua pup

chihuahua pupp

health problems

Health problems are often experienced ear problems and heart disease. Chihuahua also can not stand the cold climate. Along with the descendants of other toys, Chihuahuas are prone to a disease called hydrocephalus. It is often diagnosed by the puppy having an abnormally large head during the early months of life with symptoms such as a plate of dense bone of the skull rather than software. They are often lethargic and not growing as well as their litter mate.

Chihuahua Puppies Pictures

Chihuahua Puppies Pictures

Chihuahuas tend to Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Abandoned or unnoticed, hypoglycemia can cause coma and death. Owners should be careful to avoid this by feeding frequently, eg every three hours for a very small puppy or young.

Chihuahua Puppies

Chihuahua Puppies


Chihuahua dogs require little maintenance. For the fluffy variety that requires brushing only rarely. While the long-haired variety should be brushed several times a week with serrated soft brush. Both of them just need a bath once a month with a gentle shampoo. Note, do not let his ears take in water, because of the tendency to have ear infections. Teeth hygiene must be maintained to prevent tooth loss.

chihuahua Puppy wallpaper

sleepy chihuahua Puppy


These dogs are trained hard, but when the exercises are done with the patient, loving, and consistent he can do well. Their response is very good with a positive environment. Sports that need it can just by playing indoor, but also he was enjoying a walk outside with their owners.

Chihuahua puppy pictures collections

cute chihuahua puppy

cute chihuahua puppy

Nice White Chihuahua Puppy

White Chihuahua Puppy

lovely Puppy wallpaper

lovely Puppy wallpaper

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